Cream, No Sugar at Pierogi

Cream, No Sugar

26 June – 26 July, 2009
Galleries 1 + 2

“Cream, no sugar” is a group exhibition highlighting work by gallery artists and guests, the cream of the crop as it were, an eclectic group of important works highlighting the past year, including—Nadja Bournonville, Dawn Clements, Hugo Crosthwaite, Adam Dant, James Esber, Jane Fine, Tony Fitzpatrick, Sarah Hotchkiss, Patrick Jacobs, Kim Jones, Darina Karpov, William Lamson, Yoon Lee, Mark Lombardi, Ati Maier, Ryan Mrozowski, Johan Nobell, John O’Connor, Michael Schall, David Scher, Jonathan Schipper, Ward Shelley, Greg Stone, Tavares Strachan, Lynn Talbot, Jim Torok, Sarah Walker, Martin Wilner, and Daniel Zeller. Media range from painting, drawing and collage to photography, video and sculpture, and content ranges from abstract to figurative, but all share a sensibility that merges concept, image and mark-making. For detailed information on individual artists visit This exhibition will mark fifteen years that Pierogi has been open and many of these artists have been associated with Pierogi from the begining, such as James Esber, Jane Fine, Kim Jones, Jim Torok, and Dan Zeller. This exhibition brings our newest artists into the gallery dialogue: Nadja Bournonville, Hugo Crosthwaite, Yoon Lee, Ryan Mrozowski, and Michael Schall. We will celebrate our fifteen-year anniversary in September at the Boiler with the “Gravity Racers.” Stay tuned for further details about this event.