Pierogi’s 15 Year Anniversary Event

Pierogi a Go-Go: Brooklyn Gravity Racers (Pinewood Derby Races)

18–25 September, 2009

September 2009 will mark Pierogi’s 15-year anniversary. We will celebrate this fifteen-year adventure by holding a third raucous racing event and exhibition. We invite you participate in the September exhibition by making a pinewood derby racing car. All cars will be displayed at The Boiler on rows of shelves throughout the races and the following weekend. There were will three days of racing (September 16, 17, and 18) culminating in the finals and the announcement of awards in categories such as speed and aesthetics, among others. Trophies will be awarded and commemorative T-shirts will be available. The cars will be on view until September 20.

The competition is open to all artists who have participated in Pierogi exhibitions, events and the Flat Files. Competitors may also include patrons and critics who have been involved over the years, or who would like to be involved in the coming years.

The track will be approximately 60 feet long, with a vertiginous drop from 16 feet to ground level. The cars will be powered by gravity alone, as is the tradition of pinewood derby racing. Announcers will call the races, cameras will be in place for photo finishes and race tallies will be projected live. There will be banners, beer and excitement for all.

The pinewood derby kit consists of one 6 x 2 x 3 inch block of wood, two axles, four wheels, rules and instructions. Kits will be available at Pierogi beginning July 16, for a fee of $4.50, or you may order them online.

The Brooklyn Gravity Racers event is organized in collaboration with Gary Bachman, Mike Ballou and Chuck Yuen. Bachman and Ballou conceived of and organized the first Brooklyn Gravity Racers event, hosted by Pierogi in 1995, called “Four Wheels at Four Walls.”