Tavares Strachan, Yoon Lee and Jonathan Schipper at The Boiler

Inaugural Exhibition

7 March – 19 April, 2009

Please join us on March 7th (8pm–midnight) to celebrate the grand opening of our additional exhibition space, the Boiler, located four blocks from our current location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Pierogi will continue to operate our current location at 177 North 9th Street featuring one-person exhibitions, as well as Pierogi’s Flat Files. The Boiler is a more expansive space that will allow us to mount larger-scale sculpture, painting, and installation exhibitions. It is a former factory boiler room with 40 foot ceilings where we will also hold performances, readings and other events.

The inaugural exhibition will include works by three gallery artists: Tavares Strachan, Yoon Lee, and Jonathan Schipper. We will show, for the first time in New York, an ambitious project by Strachan, “The Distance Between What We Have and What We Want (Arctic Ice Project).” The centerpiece of this installation is a 2.5 ton block of ice, brought from the arctic and kept frozen by the power of the sun in a solar powered glass freezer. (See attached press release for full details.) We will also show a dramatic twenty-foot painting by Yoon Lee and Jonathan Schipper’s “215 Points of View”—a 6-foot diameter sphere covered with 215 surveillance cameras and corresponding monitors—suspended from the ceiling.