Gregory Barsamian at The Boiler

Private View

29 June – 31 July, 2010

Pierogi is pleased to present a preview of Gregory Barsamian’s Artifact, commissioned by the Museum of Old and New (MONA) in Hobart, Tasmania. Barsamian’s kinetic sculptures have been exhibited widely in Europe and around the world, and are included in numerous private and public collections, but are not often seen in New York (where Barsamian lives and works) before being sent off to their final destinations. This is the first time in fourteen years a new sculpture will be on view in New York. Also on view will be, Runner.

Of his work, Barsamian writes “In a darkened room I present sequentially formed sculptures on a rapidly spinning armature. A synchronized strobe light supplies the illumination. The images exist in real time and viewers are able to share the same space with them. The illusion creates a conflict between sensory information and logic which suggests the reality of a dream. One by one images or ‘gestalts’ are knit together into a coherent (or incoherent) whole.”