SEVEN: Pierogi in Miami, Nov 30 – Dec 5

Hales Gallery. Pierogi Gallery. Ronald Feldman Fine Arts.
BravinLee programs. Postmasters Gallery. PPOW. Winkleman Gallery


2214 North Miami Avenue (Wynwood)
Miami, FL 33127

Exhibition Dates : November 30-December 5, 2010
Opening: November 30 (1-8pm)
Daily: December 1-4 (11am-7pm)
December 5 (11am-5pm)
Entry to SEVEN is free

Sampling Featured artists-
BravinLee progams Philip Akkerman, Christopher Astley, Nina Bovasso, Justin Bower, Douglas Florian, Iva Gueorguieva, Amy Wilson
Hales Richard Galpin, Sebastiaan Bremer, Laura Oldfield Ford, Andrew Bick, Hew Locke, Jane Harris, Tom Price
Pierogi Dawn Clements, Darina Karpov, Jonathan Schipper, Mark Lombardi, Patrick Jacobs, Kim Jones, Tavares Strachan
Postmasters Guy Ben-Ner, Adam Cvijanovic, David Herbert, Anthony Goicolea, Eva + Franco Mattes (aka 01001011…org), Steve Mumford, Chris Verene
P.P.O.W. Robin Williams, Julie Heffernan, Carolee Schneemann, Ben Gocker, David Wojnarowicz, Melanie Bonajo, Lyndsy Welgos + Fatima Al Qadiri
Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Milena Dopitova, Rico Gatson, George Gittoes, Kelly Heaton
Winkleman Gallery Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida, Shane Hope, Janet Biggs, Leslie Thorton, Yevgeniy Fiks, Ivin Ballen, Christopher K. Ho

Since 2006, Pierogi Gallery, Hales Gallery and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts have presented a special exhibition in the Wynwood District during the art fair week in Miami. Defined by large installations and collaborative curatorial projects, the exhibition has consistently stood out among the multiple fairs taking place at the same time and been hailed for its “room to stretch out, taste and class to spare, and good stuff.”

This year BravinLee programs, Postmasters, P•P•O•W, and Winkleman galleries will join the original three in a new 24,000-square-foot space in the Wynwood Art District. Called simply SEVEN, this expanded project looks beyond the art fair model to create an alternative platform for presenting and experiencing contemporary art.

Asked why they were expanding the effort this year, Pierogi Gallery’s Joe Amrhein replied, “Why not? We are not challenging the ubiquitous tradition of the ‘Art Fair’ but think we can improve upon it, especially in Miami with its unique possibilities. If you feel that most people who visit the fairs really want something that allows for a different, more comprehensive interaction, it shouldn’t surprise you that artists and their dealers feel the same way.”

P•P•O•W’s Wendy Olsoff added, “”The chance to have our artists’ work in a dialogue with the other artists exhibited without the constraints of a three-sided booth is an interesting experiment, as well as a truly exciting concept.”

With a number of one-artist installations and collaborative project spaces, SEVEN has been conceived to provide an exhibition experience defined by the needs of each artist’s work. In addition, SEVEN’s second floor space will be an open zone for teach-ins, sponsored panel discussions, screenings, and gatherings both intimate and large.

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