Stations Lost a Theatrical Performance by Tony Fitzpatrick

Oct 20 – Nov 6

Adapted and Directed by Ann Filmer
Vocals by Grana Louise; guitar by Steve Doyle
Video Art by Kirstin Reeves

Tony and Stan took a journey to find the dark heart of America. Stan went to Cleveland. Tony took a detour…to Istanbul. This is their story.

From America’s border-towns to Istanbul’s Taksim Square, Stations Lost is the story of two friends, Tony Fitzpatrick and Stan Klein, and their commonalities and divergent paths in an ever-expanding world. Tony takes us through his childhood as a rebellious Catholic schoolboy obsessed with superheroes, reading MAD Magazine, and meeting Chester Gould through his adult understanding of the superhero mythos that leads him to strike out in search of the everyday superhero in the world via a journey to Istanbul.

Tony is a visual artist artist, poet, actor, playwright, and raconteur—a modern-day Renaissance man. This is his second play, following This Train, and features Tony and his sidekick, Stan Klein, with live musical accompaniment.
Reviews of Stations Lost at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Garage Theatre, July 2011—


“Tony Fitzpatrick has written a most compelling and thoroughly engaging performance art piece.” “Funny, self-mocking, and totally uninhibited.”—Tom Williams, Chicago Critic

“Tony Fitzpatrick is an artist, poet and urban provocateur. Talker is probably the best catchall description. …[Stations Lost] does not feature conventional theatrical rhythms; rather it ebbs and flows, amping up and cooling off.”—Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune. July 15, 2011

 “The nuns in Tony Fitzpatrick’s grade school created a special disciplinary paddle exclusively for him; they couldn’t get the guy to shut up. Good thing; had they succeeded, we might not have this accomplished effort.”—Lisa Buscani, Newcity Stage