Ati Maier and Joe Amrhein at Nusser and Baumgart Gallery

Nusser and Baumgart present Ati Maier and Joe Amrhein’s “POP   Possibility of Perception”.

The exhibition runs until November 26 2011.

This double exhibition presents works by New York based artists Ati Maier (born in Munich, Germany) and Joe Amrhein (born in Sacramento, California). These two artists offer widely diverging perspectives from the currently so vibrant field of contemporary painting: on the one hand, Ati Maier’s utterly exuberant, colour-intensive and moving pictorial language; and, on the other hand, Joe Amrhein’s precisely poised and intellectually ironical linguistic pictures. View the exhibition and a video of the artists speaking about their work on the gallery website.-Nusser and Baumgart