Dawn Clements in the Village Voice

This Village Voice post by R.C. Baker (Weds. Jan 11, 2012) includes the current Dawn Clements exhibition at Pierogi—

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James Brooks and Dan Flavin at Greenberg Van Doren
Plus, Ray Parker at Washburn; Cinthia Marcelle at Galerie Lelong; and Dawn Clements at Pierogi

Dawn Clements
Last year, Dawn Clements sent some of her sumi-ink drawings (a few based on movie stills) to sculptor Mark Leuthold and then made new drawings of the resulting sculptures, the forms becoming ever more abstract in the process. She also created scores of 8×10 drawings depicting various parts of a worktable covered with Leuthold’s small sculptures and then taped the sheets together into a 25-foot-wide mural, which hangs in the gallery. This merry-go-round of image-object-image has been conceptually amplified by placing the actual table and Leuthold’s sculptures directly below the sprawling depiction of same. In other drawings, derived from freeze-framing Turner Classic movies, Clements builds up noir imagery through truly obsessive ballpoint-pen striations, setting off a vivid oscillation between graphic rendering and lovely abstraction. Pierogi, 177 North 9th Street, Brooklyn, 718-599-2144, pierogi2000.com. Through February 12.