BGR at The Boiler

Brooklyn Gravity Racers
Twentieth Anniversary Event
at The Boiler
Dedicated to Gary Bachman
Racers on view:
13 – 20 Sept  (Noon – 6pm, Thur – Saturday)
List of BGR Finalists 

Preliminary races:
Tuesday Sept. 16, 7-9pm
Wednesday Sept. 17, 7-9pm
Thursday Sept. 18, 7-9pm
FINAL races:
Friday Sept. 19, 7-10pm
pierogi brooklyn gravity2 fin - no description


List of BGR Finalists


Thanks to everyone who participated – you are all winners to us!
That said…

SPEED AWARDS (for cars 5oz and under)

no title - Jason Irwin

Kreider_BGR2014 - no description

TIE for FIRST PLACE: Jason Irwin (top) and Peter Kreider “Unfinished Business”  (bottom)


Amrhein_BGR2014 - no description

SECOND PLACE: Justin Amhrein



Stoney_BGR2014 - no description

John Stoney* “Plumbum”
*John Stoney’s second car took second place in the heavyweight speed category

While there were many worthy contenders —

Wentworth_BGR2014 - no description

Trevor Wentworth

Again, among many worthy contenders in this category —

Freedman_BGR2014-1 - no description

Matt Freedman


There are four qualifying categories:

The Speed Award
The Heavyweight Division Award
The Aesthetic Award
The ‘What Were You Thinking’ Award


The Speed Award goes to the racer that wins the race under the rules that the Cub Scouts specify in their Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit, with a few exceptions:

The car width can be greater than 2 ¾ inches but not more than would impede the racer next to yours. 3 1/2 inches is the maximum width.

The length can also be longer than 6 inches, which are the Cub Scout Rules and the size of the block of wood. For the Brooklyn Gravity Racers, the car may be up to 10 inches long. The length doesn’t give the car any advantage because the cars are held at the front of the racer at the starting line. The racer needs to be able to clear the curve of the track when it is descending so the longer the car the more likely your racer will drag on the track.

The weight cannot exceed 5 ounces in order to qualify for The Speed Award.

The width between the wheels and the bottom clearance are the most important and are the same as the Cub Scout rules: The width between wheels must be 1 ¾”, and the bottom clearance between the racer and the track must be 3/8”. These measurements allow the racer to ride cleanly on the track.


The Heavy Weight Award goes to the fastest racer that weighs more than 5 ounces. In the past, cars have weighed 3 pounds or more. If they are too heavy or unstable they may be too dangerous to race; this will be determined at race time by a track team of artists. All of the other specifications are the same as the speed awards.


The Aesthetic Award is exactly as it sounds: it goes to the best looking and conceived racer. This award could go to anyone that enters the race in every category. This award is not affected by the winning of any other awards.


The “What Were You Thinking” Award goes to the racer that fits some category but none that we mentioned here. There are always a number of participants, quite a few actually, that build something for the race that cannot be defined. These will be determined when they are entered. If these are able to race, they will. This award is not affected by the winning of any other awards.


Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are prohibited. Only official Cub Scout Grand Prix wheels are permitted for the Speed Award and Heavy Weight Division. The wheels cannot be shaved. You can use solid axles as well as the axles (nails) provided in the kit. The block of wood provided in the kit is not necessary to use in all of the abovementioned categories. The car must be freewheeling with no starting devices for the Speed Award and the Heavy Weight Division. Each car must pass inspection. The owner will be informed of the reason for failure and be given time during the official weigh-in period to make adjustments. After final approval, cars will not be inspected unless the racer is damaged in handling or in a race. There will be a worktable to adjust the weight of your car at the Boiler. This is generally designed to make weight for the 5 ounce speed race.