Pierogi Press No. 7: Matthea Harvey, “No More Frisson Please” and “This Is Not A Glass Door”

No More Frisson Please
Matthea Harvey

Engine: I must look nice

– > < – !

Irrelevant, irrelevant sang
the xylophone to the mallet,

though without it plinking
were impossible. The ether

wasn’t working either.
We could still see budgies.

The whole house waited
while you twirled a tiny divan

between your fingers.
Ever tempted to linger, I

pixellated you, ate sugar
in the form of quince.

Haven’t heard from you
since, hottie.


This Is Not A Glass Door
Matthea Harvey

To Ambition, that Slinky™


The fax went through
& through. In a way,

Fred meant to bump noses
with Mary. The protestors

fell asleep against
the fluffy barricade.

Quietly, lower
Paleolithic blended

with middle Paleolithic.
There was a tax on English

biscuits again.
A sign told you

when you were
in the park.