Press for “The Menu for Mars Kitchen” at The Boiler: Featured in Hyperallergic, Observer, Widewalls, The Brooklyn Paper, Brooklyn Magazine, Bedford+Bowery and more

The current exhibition at The Boiler, “The Menu for Mars Kitchen,” has been reviewed and mentioned in the following articles:

-“Supper Club on Mars,” by Alakananda Mookergee for The Atlantic

-“Cook your Own Space Food at a Williamsburg Art Installation” by Howard Salle for Time Out New York

-“ArtRx NYC” by Jillian Steinhauer for Hyperallergic

-“Mars Supper Club Pioneers Menu for the Red Planet in Williamsburg” by Ona Abelis for Brooklyn Magazine

-“Knife on Mars: Artists need your help improving space food” by Max Jaeger for The Brooklyn Paper

-“Pierogi Gallery Introduces: The Menu for Mars Kitchen” by Amy Lin for Widewalls

-“Weekend Edition: 11 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before June 2” by Paul Laster for Observer

-“Eat Like a Martian at this Supper Club’s Art Exhibition” by Nicole Disser for Bedford+Bowery

-“This Art Installation Shows what Food on Mars Might Be Like” by Mike Pomratz for Food and Wine

-“This is the Food You’ll Eat on Mars” for Popular Mechanics