Ati Maier will film “A Placeless Place” at three locations 26-28 June

Ati Maier is currently filming her upcoming video, “A Placeless Place.”
The following dates and locations of filming are open to the public —

Friday, June 26, from 4am -6am
Flushing Meadows
Corona Park, Queens

Saturday, June 27, from 3am -6am
East River Park
East River Promenade from East 12th St. down to Grand St.

Sunday, June 28, from 11pm-1am
Times Square Pedestrian Plaza
Military island, between 43rd and 44th St. from 1pm- 5pm
Duffy Square, at 46th St.

Ati Maier - Filming of "A Placeless Place" (June 2015)