PIEROGI and The BOILER, holiday schedule

Pierogi will maintain regular hours through Tuesday, 22 December, and will close at 3pm on Wednesday, 23 December. We will be open by appointment 27 December 2015 through 7 January 2016.
Pierogi will re-open 8 January 2016 with two new exhibitions:
John Phillip Abbott (Gallery 1) and Michael Ballou (Gallery 2)

The Boiler will be open by appointment only with Rico Gatson and Chris Larson’s The Raft through early January.
The Boiler will re-open February 2016 with an exhibition by Andrea Lerner and Rosane Chamecki, Eskasizer.

Please email the gallery at info@pierogi2000.com with any requests during this time. We will be available by email throughout.