Alex Schweder & Ward Shelley’s “My Turn” at The Armory Show 2018, Platform Section, Pier 94

Alex Schweder & Ward Shelley‘s My Turn is presented at The Armory Show 2018 as part of the Platform Section, Pier 94

Schweder and Shelley will inhabit the kinetic sculpture / installation for the duration of the Armory Show 2018 (March 7–11, 2018).

Curator’s Statement

“Schweder and Shelley explore a balance of dependencies—on each other’s patience, communications, movements, and body weight—in their latest work of performance architecture, My Turn. The spin of the wheel-cum-room spatializes the give and take of interpersonal dynamics. Each turn begs the question: how might one’s personal gain directly impact others?”  — Jen Mergel

Schweder and Shelley’s In Orbit, an earlier sculpture, installation, performance, was on view at The Boiler February 28—April 15, 2014