Jane Fine, “Love, American Style” Recommended by Jerry Saltz at Vulture, New York Magazine

Jane Fine’s current exhibition, “Love, American Style” has been recommended by Jerry Saltz in an article at Vulture (New York Magazine), “25 Things to See, Hear, Watch and Read Over the Next Two Weeks.” Saltz writes:

See Jane Fine
Family matters.
A key insight for “Love, American Style,” Jane Fine’s intriguing show of intensely painted and colored quasi-abstractions, is revealed in its PR release: In January, Fine learned her father was not her biological father. Her revisited childhood is piled into these complicated and charged new works, telling veiled personal stories and acting as a healing mechanism. Whatever’s going on, the whole show is optically enkindled. —Jerry Saltz
Pierogi, 155 Suffolk Street, through October 7.

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