Sharon Horvath’s exhibition in the Brooklyn Rail, by Jeremy Sigler

Jeremy Sigler writes in the Brooklyn Rail about Sharon Horvath’s exhibition—”Where Owls Stare at Painting’s Busted Eyeballs: Paintings and Studio Objects.”

Sharon Horvath: Gaze at Your Own Risk
by Jeremy Sigler

“Owls Stare at Painting’s Busted Eyeballs” reads the title of Sharon Horvath’s show at Pierogi. The title seems to refer to the owls of the artworld (like Horvath herself) who stare all wide-eyed at so many captivating paintings from throughout the ages, mesmerized by their aesthetic, transformative mystique. But the title also personifies her inanimate paintings, endowing them, just like us, with the ability to see—were it not for the fact that their eyes are “busted.” Which leads this critic to ask: how did they get this way?

Horvath does not provide answers to this ghoulish line of comedic horror. With hyper-hallucinatory night trips to other galaxies, she leaves us wondering, guided by dreamy intuition and menacing charm.

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