Ati Maier’s “Space Rider” Cycle on view in Jackson Hole, WY

Ati Maier’s “Space Rider” Cycle will be presented at Guesthouse, Jackson Hole, WY, opening January 23rd through March 2021.

The cycle includes four short films and one short documentary. Maier’s ‘SpaceRider’ speaks to humanity’s insatiable desire to pioneer and explore. The significance of SpaceRider lies in the social discourse, which the films engender. Simply put: the films deal with everything from metaphysics, to community, to cultural identity, to memory and its effect on our perception of time. These ideas have particular relevance as we find ourselves on the cusp of private space exploration exploding in the near future. The SpaceRider allows us to examine our exploration of planet Earth, our history, discoveries made, colonization, man’s accomplishments and failures, and the natural world from which we sustain ourselves. The films are set in Wyoming, New York City, North Dakota, and Berlin. Maier wrote, directed and performed in all films as the SpaceRider.