David Scher’s work on view at Dallas Contemporary

David Scher’s work on view at Dallas Contemporary:
Cerámica Suro: A Story of Collaboration, Production, and Collecting in the Contemporary Arts

20 April–31 December 2023

“cerámica suro: a story of collaboration, production, and collecting in the contemporary arts is the first comprehensive american presentation of the private collection amassed by josé noé suro, owner of the influential guadalajara-based ceramics studio cerámica suro, and marcela preciado, his wife. selections from this collection, which is made up of over 700 pieces, are gathered here into the exhibition by executive director and chief curator of guadalajara’s zapopan art museum (maz), viviana kuri, who also organized the show’s previous iteration at maz.

founded in the 1950s in tlaquepaque as a small family studio workshop that manufactured dinnerware and decorative objects, josé noé suro has turned cerámica suro into an incubator for global artists, designers and creatives. it is now among guadalajara’s most important institutions – a ceramics factory where the most ambitious projects in the world of art, architecture, design and gastronomy are developed and produced. during the last two decades, cerámica suro has carried out projects with over 500 artists – such as nairy baghramian, john baldessari, sarah crowner, marcel dzama, nicole eisenman, michelle grabner, adam pendelton, gabriel rico, and dallas’s own jeff gibbons – that have put guadalajara in the crosshairs of the international art world.” (DC press release)