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pierogi \pe-‘ro-ge, pi(e)r-‘o-\ n pl -gi also -gies [Pol, pl. of pierog dumpling, perogi] (1927): SEE PIROSHKI

Pierogi was founded in 1994 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn—an area vital to the larger art scene because of its concentration of diverse artists and its innovative gallery scene. In 2016, Pierogi relocated to the lower east side of Manhattan. Pierogi features the work of emerging and mid-career artists in an eclectic range of media—from the conceptual drawings of Mark Lombardi to the multi-media works of Jonathan Schipper, and the dynamic large-scale paintings of Yoon Lee, to the panoramic and filmic drawings of Dawn Clements; as well as curated exhibitions such as the award-winning Dead Tree installation (a recreation of the Robert Smithson work originally shown in Dusseldorf’s Kunsthalle, 1969).

The BOILER, Pierogi’s satellite exhibition space opened in March 2009, is a more expansive space that allows us to mount large-scale sculpture, painting, and installation exhibitions. It is a former factory boiler room with 35-foot ceilings where we also hold performances, screenings, and other events.

The Flat Files, another important element of Pierogi, house portfolios of original works by 750+ artists. The traveling Flat Files have been exhibited in London, Vienna, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and elsewhere. Early in 2009 Pierogi launched a searchable online version of the Flat Files.