Glo-Our Rainmaker

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In this work, Strachan recreated a natural phenomenon —cloud formation—within a fabricated environment using computer operated switches, pressure, water, and silicon powder . The silicon powder is released at varying intervals into a spherical glass chamber thus creating a cloud that exists for approximately 10-15 minutes. The cycle is then repeated.

“In February of 2006 I went about creating a cloud in my studio. Hooking up a system to the building’s water line, I was able to simulate a set of 18 different cloud formations in a hand-made glass system. On one level, I was interested in the idea of being able to use the water system that all of the people in New Haven, CT have access to, to assist in recreating this phenomena. On another level, I am very much interested in the impossibility and the desire to have something that is seemingly impossible, in this case, a cloud.” (Strachan, 2006)

Installation from Ronald Feldman Fine Arts