Robert Smithson at Pierogi

Dead Tree

3 May – 2 June, 1997

Press Release

In May 1997, Pierogi 2000 in conjunction with John Weber Gallery, will be exhibiting an installation titled, “Dead Tree” by Robert Smithson. The piece to be exhibited is a large tree lying on its side, with a set of elongated rectangular mirrors propped between the branches and roots. The piece has never been seen in the U.S. and its only previous showing was at Prospect II in the Kunsthalle of Dusseldorf in 1969, alongside work by Daniel Buren, Sol LeWitt, Hans Haacke and Joseph Beuys, among others.

Pierogi is 2000 is honored to exhibit a work by Robert Smithson. Joe Amrhein, the director, reflects:

“Showing an important installation of Robert Smithson’s at Pierogi 2000 provides an opportunity to recontextualize and infuse his work with a situation that is tangible and viable for a new audience.”

A catalog was also produced with a collection of writings centered around “Dead Tree” with contributions by Brian Conley, John Weber, Sabine Russ, Lawrence Weiner, Joseph Masheck, Richard Kavesh, Kim Levin, J.G. Ballard, Sol LeWitt, Mel Bochner, Joan Jonas, Gregory Volk, and Allen S. Weiss.