David Shapiro at Pierogi

Rock Iraq

16 March – 16 April, 2007
Gallery 2

In his exploration of the nature of reality and artificiality, and the dichotomy of nature and culture, through a diverse body of work created over the last fifteen years, David Shapiro has infused formal ambiguity of minimal sculpture with personal meaning.

From casting faces in tofu, to casting pistachio nuts in bronze, from ongoing visual diaries, to saving two years worth of empty packages containing traces of his consumption, Shapiro has continually challenged the boundaries of the familiar and the unfamiliar, realness and absurdity, and the way art interacts in an urban context.

This exhibition will feature an 8-by-8 foot tabletop model of a hypothetical benefit concert, “Rock Iraq,” which doesn’t exist but quite possibly could. It is a concert with corporate logos but no sponsors, no musicians, and no music. It exists as a tabletop model to American ambiguity, assuaging guilt, displaying compassion, condemning failure, and inventing triumph.

In addition to his critically recognized sculptural practice, Shapiro is an accomplished filmmaker. His 2001 film, “Keep the River On Your Right,” (made with his sister Laurie Gwen Shapiro) won 17 international awards as well as an Independent Sprit Award for Best New Director.