Pierogi Press No. 10: Johannah Rodgers, “And/Or: A Novel”

And/Or: A Novel
Johannah Rodgers



fall in love                            fall in love                             fall in love


break up                               get married                          live together


get back together                have kids                              do not have kids
sex change                        married wrong person              professional miscue
bankruptcy                         mental breakdown                  higher degrees
succeed in business           political career                        travel


break up                             get divorced                           have affair
lose money                        disinherit children                    make money
change identity                   find religion                             relocate
second career                     jail                                        disease


live happily ever after          live compromised lives            life completely unexamined


die young                          die old                                     alzheimer’s


Note: And/Or: A Novel can be read horizontally and vertically and in several different combinations of the two. Horizontal reading assumes the inclusion of an “or”; vertical reading requires the unarticulated presence of an “and.” It is also possible to read the novel vertically by selecting actions/reactions from different columns. In addition, Action²—  / Reaction²—   can be read/re-read, selecting one action from any one row and one reaction from any other row until an appropriate time for the introduction of a resolution presents itself.