POWER Ts 2020

A fundraising event now through 1 October, 2020
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Andrea GEYER - Unity






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In 2018, together with you, we raised $20,000+ for Swing Left to direct toward the mid-term elections to turn the House blue!
In 2004, Pierogi and Mike Ballou undertook the first POWER Ts campaign selling artist-designed T-shirts, raising nearly $30,000 for Democrats.
We’re bringing it back once again and we’re ready to raise even more for the 2020 presidential election.
T-shirts, Tote Bags, and Face Masks will be available.
Purchasers will be able to choose from among three organizations to direct their proceeds:
Swing Left, ACLU (Protect the Vote), and Black Lives Matter*  (*these donations go through ActBlue)

ORDER HERE.* (Click desired item to purchase, and specify artist’s design and shirt size on the next page).
*Ordering now through 1 October. First pick up date will be September 19, then weekly through mid-October
All are to be picked up at Pierogi (curb-side pick up available) and, unfortunately, cannot be shipped.**
**Due to popular demand we are now offering shipping as an option. Our apologies if you tried to get shipping before and could not.
In gallery and curb-side pick up are still available.

There are 100+ artist designs. You pick the art, your item, and size (for Ts).

T-shirts are $45. each
Tote Bags are $45. each
Face Masks are $20. each
The T-shirts are soft 100% cotton, made in the USA.
The Tote Bags are heavy duty, 100% cotton (13.75″ H x 14.75″ W with a 3.75″  bottom gusset and 12″ high straps).
The Face Masks are 100% US three-ply cotton with filter pocket and all around binding (non-medical grade).
Each order is printed upon demand.  See a T-shirt size chart here.

A small selection of original works from this group will also be for sale, proceeds going to the fund of your or the artist’s choice.
View available works here.

Below is a list of the artists participating so far. More to come!

John Phillip ABBOTT  •  Marina ADAMS  •  Charlie AHEARN  •  Michele ALPERN  •  Justin AMRHEIN  •  Joe AMRHEIN  •  Reed ANDERSON  • Polly APFELBAUM  •  Nicole AWAI  •  Phyllis BALDINO  •  Mike BALLOU  •  Greg BARSAMIAN  •  Andrew BOARDMAN  •  Lee BOROSON  •  Chris BORS  •  Lisa BOWMAN  •  Katherine BRADFORD  •  Hovey BROCK  •  David BRODY  •  Cecily BROWN  •  Tom BURCKHARDT  •  Carole BRUNS  •  Karen CALDICOTT  •  Mina CHEON  •  Cecile CHONG  •  Amanda CHURCH  •  Diana COOPER  •  Caroline COX  •  Hugo CROSTHWAITE  •  Daniel DAVIDSON  •  Lisa Corinne DAVIS  •  Dennis DIAMOND  •  Devon DIKEOU  •  Dan DEVINE  •   Marcel DZAMA  •  Edgar ENDRESS  •  Elise ENGLER  •  Nicky ENRIGHT  •  James ESBER  •  Heide FASNACHT  •  Spencer FINCH  •  Jane FINE  •   Tony FITZPATRICK  •  Joan FITZSIMMONS  •  Matt FREEDMAN  •  Rico GATSON  •  Andrea GEYER  •  Judy GLANTZMAN  • Glenn GOLDBERG  •  William GRAEF  •  Elliott GREEN  •  Charles HAGEN  •  Cynthia HARTLING  •   Kristen HASSENFELD  •  Lisa HEIN  •  Elana HERZOG  •  Peter HILDEBRAND  •  Jen HITCHINGS  •  Jenny HOLZER  •  James HYDE  •  Kyung JEON  •  Jim KANTOR  •  Darina KARPOV  •  Nina KATCHADOURIAN  •  Betsy KAUFMAN  •  Tricia KEIGHTLEY  •  Patrick KILLORAN  •  Peter KIRBY  •  Wendy KLEMPERER  •  KK KOZIK  •  David KRAMER  •  Larry KRONE  •  Justen LADDA  •  Karl LAROCCA  • Louise LAWLER • Simon LEE  •  Felicia LIANG  •  Theresa MAGARIO  •  Chishty MAHWISH  •  Ati MAIER  •  Katherine TZU-LAN MANN  •  Matthew MARELLO  •  Norma MARKLEY  •  Shelley MARLOW  •  William McKEARN  •  Sean MELLYN  •  Sam MESSER  •  Sean MICKA  •  Laura MILLER  •  Marilyn MINTER  •  Curtis MITCHELL  •  Laura MURRAY  •  Linda NAGAOKA  •  Laura NEWMAN  •  Garry NICHOLS  •  Jessica NISSEN  •  NONCORE PROJECTOR  •  Nicky NODJOUMI  •  John O’CONNOR  •  Andrew OHANESIAN  •  David OPDYKE  •  Gary PANTER  •  Douglas PAULSON  •  Bruce PEARSON  •  Rachel PHILLIPS  •  Jenny POLAK  •  Katherine POWERS  •  William POWHIDA  •  Jen RAY  •  Mark REYNOLDS  •  Walter ROBINSON  •  Margaret ROLEKE  •  Katia SANTIBANEZ  •  Jef SCHARF  •  David SCHER  •  Bob SENG  •  David SHAW  •  Ward SHELLEY  •  James SIENA  •  Amy SILLMAN  •  Adam SIMON  •  Judith SIMONIAN  •  Jennifer SIREY  •  Michael SMITH  •  Tim SPELIOS  •  Gary STEPHAN  •  Lisa STEFANELLI  •  Kurt STRAHM  •  Susan SWENSON • Pamela TALESE • Jude TALLICHET  •  Kate TEALE  •  Mary TEMPLE  •  Fred TOMASELLI  •  Jim TOROK  •  Tricia TOWNES  •  Mark VALENTINE  •  Mark Dean VECA  •  Ken WEATHERSBY  •  Lawrence WEINER  •  Stanley WHITNEY  •  Chris WISE  •  Martin WILNER  •  Charles YUEN  •  Daniel ZELLER  •  Brenda ZLAMANY  •  Deborah ZLOTSKY


Power T’s Fundraiser (and Totes and Masks) 

Two years ago, before the 2018 mid-term elections, Lisa Gold, Mike Ballou, and Pierogi organized a Power Ts event to raise money to help take back control of the House and regain a sense of hope from the downward spiral that the current administration was taking us. We asked artists to do what they do best: to create artwork that spoke to the moment. We set up a website and installed an exhibition of the works at Pierogi where people could choose an artwork to be printed on T-shirts and tote bags. Together we raised more than $20,000, which was donated to Swing Left to target specific candidates and locations to turn the House blue!

We’re bringing Power T’s back once again for the November elections and we’re ready to raise even more to help make it a full sweep. Late August through September 2020, we will post available artworks on the Pierogi website. These will be offered on T-shirts, tote bags, as well as facemasks this time because, well, you know why. Unfortunately, this year we won’t be able to hold an opening reception where the Ts and other items are produced on demand in the sweat scented gallery. All orders can be purchased online, by phone, or at the gallery, and will be available for either pick up inside the gallery or curbside, from mid- through mid-October (exact dates to be announced).  T-shirts and tote bags will be $45 each and facemasks $20 each. Buyers can choose from three organizations to direct their funds: Swing Left, ACLU Protect the Vote, and Black Lives Matter* (*these funds go through ActBlue).

We will have 100+ artworks to choose from and we will also have some of the original artworks for sale, as indicated on the site. As we stated in our letter to the artists—

“We need you and your country needs you.” I think the same can be said to the people selecting from these artists’ creations.