Ati Maier

Book signing and film screening
26 August, 2021. 6–9pm

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Please stop by to pick up a signed copy of the book, have a socially distanced chat with the artist, followed by a screening of the film cycle and discussion.

177 N 9th St  Brooklyn, NY 11211

The SpaceRider Film Cycle:
“The Nearest Faraway Place,” 2020. 18:54 Minutes
“Prophecy of the Encounter,” 2019. 14:16 Minutes
“The Placeless Place,” 2016. 10:10 Minutes
“The Map Is Not the Territory,” 2013. 10:29 Minutes
All films performed and directed by Ati Maier
“The Hole,” 2021. 5:24 Minutes. A documentary about the 2017 Solar Eclipse and the SpaceRider Performance for the “Observatories” Exhibition, Center for the Arts, Jackson Hole, WY
“The Place of the Return,” 2021. 7:30 Minutes. The SpaceRider returns to the ruins of a castle and has an encounter