Pulp at Pierogi

Exhibition Dates: 18 Nov–12 March, 2022
Wed–Sat, 11am–6pm and by appointment

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A group exhibition featuring works on and of paper, including:
Seongmin AHN, Justin AMRHEIN, Reed ANDERSON, Michael BALLOU, John BERENS, Jean BLACKBURN, Matthew BLACKWELL, Susan BRENNER, David BRODY, Dawn CLEMENTS, Stephanie COSTELLO, Hugo CROSTHWAITE, Daniel DAVIDSON, James ESBER, Jane FINE, Elliott GREEN, Jen HITCHINGS, Chan Kok HOOI, Sharon HORVATH, James HYDE, Sermin KARDESTUNCER, Darina KARPOV, Tricia KEIGHTLEY, Cynthia LIN, Mark LOMBARDI, Ati MAIER, Sascha MALLON, Karen MARGOLIS, Matthew MARELLO, John O’CONNOR, Andrew OHANESIAN, Judith PAGE, Bruce PEARSON, Mark REYNOLDS, David SCHER, Ward SHELLEY, Michael SMITH, Greg STONE, John STONEY, Christophe THOMPSON, Tricia TOWNES, Sarah WALKER, Xingyun WANG, Charles YUEN, Daniel ZELLER, and others, including selections from Pierogi’s Flat Files. Stay tuned as works are added—