Andrew Ohanesian

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The Gambler’s Dilemma>>     Ohanesian Slots - no description  Slots>>      OhanesianLottoCardsthmb - no description

Sidewalk Shed - no description   Sidewalk Shed>>            Andrew Ohanesian - "Bill Acceptor," 2014, MEI Series Bill Acceptor Validator, 10,16 x 12,7 x 5,1 cm  Dollar Bill Acceptor>>

   Andrew Ohanesian - Oceans
San Jamar Tear-N-Dry Hands Free Paper
Towel Dispenser, Natural Kraft Brown Roll Towel
16 x 11 x 6 inches
The Armory Show 2014       Oceans>>                              Ohanesian Urinal - no description   Urinal>>  

  Andrew Ohanesian - The House Party    The House Party>>           Andrew Ohanesian - 

Andrew Ohanesian - Mandies     Mandies>>                         no title - no description   Pierogi West ATM Vestibule>>