POWER Ts 2018

POWER Ts 2018 is a fundraising event to be held at Pierogi, 7-10 August, with an opening reception Tuesday, August 7th (5-9pm)
Extended through Saturday, August 11th
no title - Power Ts event in 2004. T-shirt designs were displayed in the gallery for visitors to select from.






In 2004, Pierogi and Mike Ballou undertook the first POWER Ts campaign selling artist-designed t-shirts, raising nearly $30,000 for Democrats. We’re bringing it back and we’re ready to raise even more for the Democrats for the midterm elections. Proceeds from each t-shirt sale will be donated to Swing Left toward taking back the House in 2018.

There are approximately 150 artist designs. You pick the art and your size.
T shirts are $45. each. To be picked up at Pierogi.
Update:  Tote Bags are also available with the same selection of artworks, also $45.
The T-shirts are 100% cotton, made in the USA.
The Tote Bags are heavy duty, 100% cotton (13.75″ H x 14.75″ W with a 3.75″  bottom gusset and 12″ high straps).
Each order is printed upon demand.  See a t-shirt size chart here.